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Soooooo important! Please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - A Mountain Ridge Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mountain lions

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Soooooo important! Please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [May. 24th, 2005|04:08 pm]
mountain lions


Please please please everybody who goes to Mtn. Ridge go to the board meeting tonight at 7p.m. in support of the yearbook staff, mrs. G. and Mrs. Poulson! Its soooo important! They want to get them fired for the yearbook! Please, if you've never stood up for something before, now is the time to do it. Take one measley hour out of your summer (if ur a senior) and show up to support our school! They want to start using prior review for all publications at our school, this is horrid news! This is horrible for all publications at mountain ridge! please please please go and wear MRHS colors to show support! thankyou :)

[User Picture]From: laughtersaves
2005-05-25 06:44 pm (UTC)
exactaly. it takes a lot of creativity on their part to twist the words "hardcore, obsession, etc..." into sexual words. they are the perverts if when they hear the expression "hardcore" they automatically think of sex! journalists use the phrase "hardcore action" every day in their stories refrencing sports. these people are serriously insane. I'm so disappointed in the parents, they make me sick. :(
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From: fallingxfromxme
2005-05-25 09:22 pm (UTC)
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